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Jesus Garcia was born into a family of glassblowers in the town of Guadalajara, Mexico. His father, Teodoro Garcia is a well respected master of glass blowing in the fine tradition of craftsmen that Mexico has to offer.

 At the age of 12, Jesus began working with his father in the glass factories and it wasn't soon after that his father blessed him as master glass blower at the young age of 17.

Upon coming to the United States in 1980 Jesus went to work for two very well established factories in Southern California. In 1994 Jesus branched out on his own to design and produce a line of handblown glasswares. He named the business "Antonio-Garcia Studio". In 2005 Jesus became incorporated and changed the name to "AG Glass Studio, Inc.".

All the glasswork in the AG Glass Studio line are handblown by Jesus himself. He does not use any type of molds or crack-off torches to expedite the work, therefore they're all handblown from start to finish. Because of the handcrafted process each piece has its own individual character and may vary slightly from one to another. The level of expertise, however is evident in the fine quality and general consistancy of all the work created.

The AG Glass line encompasses a wide range of glassblowing techniques and includes such items as bowls, vases, perfume vials and paper weights. His line can found at several wholesale shows throughout the year and is sold in numerous galleries and shops throughout the United States. This is a family run business. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to cal

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